YORK marked the 93rd birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh with a gun salute in the Museum Gardens.

Crowds gathered in the gardens to watch the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery from Catterick, the “Yorkshire Gunners”, fire a 21-gun Royal Salute at midday.

The Band of the Royal Armoured Corps marched through the city into the gardens and entertained visitors before and after the Royal Salute.

Brigadier Greville Bibby, Commander of the Army’s York Garrison, said: “We’re tremendously privileged to have this duty in our wonderful city of York.”

Last week, the city marked the Queen’s Coronation anniversary on June 2 with a Royal Gun Salute.

Lynn Anderson, 39, from Kelfield watched the ceremony with her three-year-old son Barney: “We came in to the theatre and we saw lots of policemen so we asked them what was happening. Then we came here to see the bands and the guns.

“Barney loves all the instruments and the soldiers!”

York is the only saluting station in the north of England and one of 12 saluting stations in Britain which include London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

The city was granted the status of Saluting Station in 1971 to commemorate the 1,900th anniversary of the city.