A FUNDRAISER who is undergoing a series of remarkable feats to raise money for The Alzheimer's Society, this weekend cycled around the Eye of York 1000 times.

Phil Wiggins, of Beech Grove, Acomb, set a challenge to himself to complete 4,000 miles on foot, swimming and by bike upon turning 40. He is now at the 3000 mile point of the challenge, which has taken him to Scotland, Italy and Eastern Europe.

On Saturday, Phil cycled 1000 times around the Eye of York - the equivalent of about 100 miles - and then on Sunday covered part of the Grand Depart route with the Etape de Yorkshire race.

Helena, his wife, said while watching his effort in York: "Given the weather has been torrential, it has been absolutely amazing. People have been coming over and cannot believe what he is doing."

Phil was inspired to fundraise for The Alzheimer's Society when his local barber - an expert on York and its history - was diagnosed with the disease in his 50s.

Phil said: "I've always been someone to volunteer for opportunities that come along in life; particularly those that push me out of my comfort zone. I really believe life is too short to put things off until tomorrow and you never know what the future has in store.

"When I'm an old man I want to look back over my life, with my wife Helena beside me, and with fantastic memories without regret of missed opportunities. I imagine this is how many people feel about getting older."

To donate to Phil's cause, go to justgiving.com/thewiggo4000