A MAN who was upset about not being left his late father’s home spent weeks dumping litter and manure at the house.

Gary Abdy, 53, of The Sidings, Eggborough, led a prolonged campaign of flytipping at the house in Greenacres, after his father died in March 2012.

Abdy pleaded guilty to two counts of depositing unlawful waste at the house in October and November 2013 when he appeared before York Magistrates’ Court and was ordered to pay a fine of £300, prosecution costs of £870 and a victim surcharge of £30.

Kelly Hamblin, prosecuting for Selby District Council, said the waste, vandalism and damage had appeared at the house following the death of John Varley Abdy, who had left the property to his grandchildren and not the defendant.

She said: “In interview, the defendant confirmed the house belonged to his father, and his dad’s solicitors advised him not to go in after he died as it was going to his grandchildren. He said he had collected waste from the village hall, and was suffering from depression following his father’s death and knew it was wrong to do what he’d done.”

Council officers found a letter addressed to Abdy’s wife among the waste, and inquiries at neighbouring homes revealed pictures of Abdy arriving at the property, removing waste from the boot of his car and leaving. In interview, he denied all knowledge of the offence until the photographs were revealed.

Speaking in his own defence, Abdy said: “I can’t honestly put my finger on what I’ve done.

“I’ve been going to work but it’s been on my mind all the time. When I think about what I’ve done I can’t believe it. I can’t actually remember doing it. All I can really say is I’ve never done anything like this in my life and never had anything to do with any trouble. I just can’t put my finger on how bad it really was. Whether it was some kind of nervous breakdown or not, I don’t know.”

Tim Grogan, senior enforcement officer with Selby council, said: “This was a particularly unpleasant case and its prolonged nature made life very difficult and unnerving for residents. I am happy this matter has now been resolved and I sincerely hope that this is an end to the issue.

“My message is clear. The council seek to keep the district tidy. If waste is found those responsible will be energetically pursued and prosecuted. The law-abiding expect this service and they can be assured it will be robustly delivered.”