FOR those blinded by science, the stage is set for a dancing feat with a difference.

A unique show will use light so the audience can see how ideas can “go viral” as fast as diseases such as swine flu can spread.

Both light and sound will be used to show the patterns of infection which cause an epidemic - whether real-world or in the world of virtual reality.

York University ‘s Department of Theatre, Film and Television is hosting the world premier of Transmission.

It uses infra red cameras and sensors embedded in dancers’ costumes for an eye-catching performance.

New wireless technology – specially created for the show – will allow the dancers’ movements to map specific patterns of how disease spreads.

Taking place from June 19 until June 22, it is part of York Festival of Ideas, highlighting how thoughts can spread online with the speed of real-world diseases.

Starring in the production are Prof Michael Brockhurst, an evolutionary biologist at York – along with artists, scientists, musicians and dancers, Prof Brockhurst said: “It is transmission that makes a disease infectious and able to cause epidemics.

“It is transmission that we try to block with healthcare interventions such as vaccination and hand-washing.

“In order to predict and control epidemics in human populations we must first understand transmission.”

Admission to the event is free. For further details, visit