A York lawyer completed an arduous 100 km trek over the Yorkshire Three Peaks at his second attempt, helping to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

Colin Byrne thought he had failed again at the Oxfam Trailtrekkers challenge when he collapsed with hypothermia 20km from the end. He had completed a similar distance in last year's edition before he had to retire with a stress fracture in one leg.

But with help from medics, a stint in a survival blanket and plenty of chocolate, hot drinks and other energy-giving food, he managed to get back on his feet and complete the non-stop Trailtrekkers route with his team of four in 27 hours and 17 minutes.

"It was actually very emotional because all our families were there and our children," he said.

"When you come through every difficulty and finish something like that, you feel quite euphoric. At the same time, you are absolutely physically and mentally exhausted.

"When you are with people for 27 hours coming through all the emotional and physical difficulties, you bond quite strongly."

Colin was part of the Fools team, including Kevin Webb, Mark Golding and Christian Hall who raised more than £3,000 for Oxfam by their efforts.

Their support team included triathletes Richard Mostyn Jones and Andy Hopkinson, who walked with Colin last year and completed the trek over the three highest peaks in Yorkshire near Skipton. During the night-time stage of the trek, the two kept linking up with the four on bike or on foot to give them encouragement and food.

"We all said 'never again'," he said. "However, when I woke up after a night's sleep, I actually thought - you know what, I could, I enjoyed it. Up to 80km, I actually enjoyed it."

The trek was officially 101 km long, but those taking part estimate that with diversions to avoid a waterlogged lane it could have been up to 116 km long.