CCTV images have been released of a man who carried out a dirty protest at a Selby District Council building this week.

The images show a man believed to have left human waste at the council offices in Selby town centre, with council officers suspecting he is an individual who "holds a grudge" against the authority.

Tim Grogan, senior enforcement officer with the council, said: "The council are seeking to identify someone who defecated outside the entrance to the council offices in Market Cross at 5.17am on Monday, May 12.

"CCTV suggests a white male of indeterminate age who officers have reason to believe deliberately targeted the area. There is really no excuse whatsoever for this quite shameless and repellent behaviour and the Council hope that by releasing captured images someone will assist us in identifying the culprit."

A council spokesman said: "In addition to being an offence which breaches local bylaws, it was a particularly unpleasant task for the member of staff having to clean up the mess."

Anyone who recognises the man or who has information which could assist the council should contact the authority on 01757 705101 or through the website