A FEMALE soldier told a court she was “angry, hysterical and confused” after she was allegedly sexually assaulted by an Army colleague following a night out.

The woman said she called fellow soldier Glen Smith “every name under the sun” and punched him in the face following the assault.

Smith, 28, of Willow Glade, Huntington, York, who denies sexual assault and is on trial at Teesside Crown Court, is accused of touching the woman inappropriately after she had drifted off to sleep.

The court heard how both Smith and his alleged victim had been on a night out in Richmond and Catterick.

Smith and two others walked the woman home – she was said to be drunk but aware of her surroundings – and then stayed with her, watching television.

She told the jury Smith asked her to sit with him on a large chair, which she did before falling asleep only to wake up when he was touching her.

The woman, who had changed into pyjamas, said she told Smith to leave. Moments later he returned to fetch his mobile phone and it was at this point that she punched him in the face.

A further scuffle took place outside the house in which she believed she had bitten the defendant’s ear before they were pulled apart and Smith left, the court heard.

The woman said she curled up into a ball and cried as another person rang the police. A recording of the call was played to the jury.

Glenn Parsons, mitigating, suggested the alleged victim had not told the truth about the amount of alcohol she had drunk that night, which he said included bottles of cider, lager and jaegerbombs.

Mr Parsons said Smith had not asked the complainant to sit with him and, while it was possible he had brushed her thigh through her pyjamas, he did not touch her inappropriately.

He also said the defendant had not made any inappropriate remarks to the woman or made any passes towards her before the alleged attack on July 4 last year.

The trial continues.