FIRST he shamed fellow cyclists and then bad drivers by filming their poor behaviour - now a York cyclist has turned his attention to the city's pedestrians.

The man's helmet webcam has captured countless near misses by oblivious walkers who have wandered in front of his bike.

Over and over again, he has caught people failing to follow the Green Cross Code and stepping into the road without looking both ways.

Some missed being hit by his bike by inches and didn't even turn their heads, while some pedestrians walking on the road towards him barely moved until he was nearly on top of them. Some people just seemed to misjudge the speed of the bike and have to sprint to get out of the way of a collision.

The cyclist's patience was sorely tested by one pedestrian who took a risk to cross the road, so much so he shouted "silly man" as he made the dash to safety.

The cyclist, who does not wish to be identified, said his latest video highlighted that once again, a number of road users were not taking the risks of the road seriously.

He told The Press that pedestrians were often distracted by mobile phones, rushing to get somewhere, ignoring red lights at crossings,or simply not looking when crossing the road, often relying on their hearing for warning of vehicles approaching.

He asked: "Do we teach our children how to cross the road? When I was a child the Green Cross Code was on TV endlessly. Stop, look right, look left, look right again, walk straight across and keep looking and listening."

However, he said he thought some York crossings were poorly designed and he would like road designers to think about how they could be improved with the international visitor in mind. "Could we have LOOK RIGHT painted on the crossing as you see in London? Many tourists look the wrong way when crossing," he said.

"People sometimes "jump" the red crossing signal because they have to wait too long. We all do it, how can this be better? Improved timings or more priority given to pedestrians?"