MORE communities in York are to get the chance to set up their own “alternative economy” in which residents help each other without money.

York Time Bank plans to start two more hubs in the city in Clifton and Tang Hall because of the success of its Westfield and Acomb hub.

Time Bank members gain and use credits by doing work for each other, such as a car mechanic repairing another member’s car, in return for someone painting his bathroom or doing his garden.

No money changes hands.

The expansion comes at a time when the organisation has completed its start-up phase with help from York Council for Voluntary Services and is now standing on its own two feet with 70 members in Westfield and Acomb.

Natasha Almond, of York Time Bank, said: “We are growing up. “We realise we have the resources ourselves to make things happen and we don’t need that external support that was on offer previously.” The time bank is looking for five volunteers in both Clifton and Tang Hall to get training and support from the existing hub so they can roll out the scheme in their own areas.

The Westfield and Acomb hub, now based at Lidgett Grove, started with 13 members in the Westfield area.

Members meet up for socials and barbecues and have done more than 300 exchange swaps in two years.

Any skill, such as coaching to do a 5KM run, painting a gate, teaching a child to play the piano or sorting out an electrical problem can be used.

Natasha said members have become friends and the scheme has helped people who are isolated in the community, such as a man with disability problems who couldn’t listen to his beloved music because he couldn’t rewire his stereo. He joined the time bank, his stereo has now been mended and he is hoping to share his history knowledge with others as well as meet up with other time bank members.

Anyone in Clifton or Tang Hall interested in volunteering should contact