FANS spent the afternoon with Lulu as she revealed her anti-ageing skin care range at Bettys in St Helen’s Square.

The diminutive singer gave a lively presentation of her Time Bomb products to guests who enjoyed an afternoon tea with the iconic star, served in the Belmont Room of the tearooms.

Lulu, who shot to fame at the age of 15 when Shout hit the charts, then took time to visit each table for a chat.

“York is beautiful, I have worked here many times, and it is a treat to be here,” said the 65-year-old. “We spend time taking care of others and we don’t treat ourselves enough.”

She added: “I have been coming to Bettys for 40 years now; it is very nice and genteel here.”

The only man to attend the event was Ken Metcalfe who was accompanying his cousin, and admitted: “The only skin care product I use is Oil of Olay, but it does make you think about your regime.”

Among the fans was Susan Openshaw, of Durham, who said: “We were curious to see how Lulu looks in real life. I have got everything for my skin care routine from start to finish.”

The Scottish singer, actress and businesswoman chose Fenwicks and Bettys to introduce her products, saying: “Fenwicks is a family business which offers such a high standard of care and service to everybody. All of our products are about science and nature.”