A CEREMONIAL stool from the cocoa growing regions of Ghana is to go on display at York's Cocoa House, as a reminder of the links York has with the country.

MP Hugh Bayley has loaned the stool to the attraction, after he was presented with it in 2002.

The stools are symbols of office for traditional Ghanaian chiefs and play an important role in the country's local government.

Mr Bayley was given it on a visit to the cocoa-growing Fanteakwa District, and the carved cocoa pods are designed to remind British people where their chocolate comes from.

York's Cocoa House founder Sophie Jewett is now working to boost understanding of the York's links with other chocolate producing places.

Mr Bayley said: “I am pleased to hear how keen Sophie is to show people in York that without cocoa farmers in Ghana York’s history as a chocolate city would never have happened.

"I am grateful to Sophie for displaying the stool to remind her customers that the amazing chocolates and cakes at the Cocoa House come from a humble cocoa pod grown by farmers far away in Africa."