A RESIDENT has claimed that he saw York's controversial camera-car parked two feet from the kerb on double yellow lines near a school entrance.

Matthew Clements has written an open letter to City of York Council to raise concerns about the CCTV vehicle, which was launched to tackle irresponsible parking outside schools.

He said the vehicle's location opposite the yellow school zone zig-zags outside Lord Deramore’s in Heslington appeared to be a hazard in itself and also claimed the driver was on their mobile phone, and then drove away whilst still talking on the phone.

"In today’s world, where everyone is carrying a camera, councils, officials and the police all need to get it ‘right first time’ and not just ‘good enough’ - because it isn’t," he added, claiming that any fines issued that day should be written off, as they would be hypocritical.

Sally Burns, director of Communities and Neighbourhoods at the council, said: “We take all complaints seriously and will be investigating the reported incident with Equita, who are responsible for the employment and supervision of the driver and vehicle.”

Asked if the vehicle's drivers were sometimes allowed to park on double yellow lines, a council spokeswoman said: "Part of the investigation will be to determine what happened, if they were parked up at this point and If there's good reason for them to be parked here."