A KNIFE-WAVING lout who tried to evade justice by living outside the UK for five years has been jailed.

Maciej Kraczwyk and his brother had eight weapons between them as they chased three young men down a Clifton street, each with a knife in both hands, York Crown Court.

Maciej had a heavy hunting knife in his sock and shortly before had smashed up a nearby Chinese takeaway when the young woman staff member there tried to phone the police to deal with him.

David Hall, prosecuting, said armed police had to be called out and given permission to use their guns before the two brothers surrendered near a telephone box in Sutton Way.

Both fled to their native Poland before they could be punished.

Maciej Kraczwyk returned five years later, only to be arrested at Manchester Airport.

His pregnant partner, Izabella, had written a letter to the Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, saying that the family were in financial difficulties and hoped to set up home with Kraczwyk in England.

The judge told Kraczwyk: “You came back hoping that this case would have been forgotten. Wrong. It has not been forgotten.”

He said of the knife chase: “That must have been a terrifying sight for anyone in that part of York that night.”

Of the incident in the takeaway in Crichton Avenue, Clifton, Judge Ashurst said: “All loutish behaviour like this has to be punished.”

All the offences had been committed when Kraczwyk had been drinking heavily, the court heard. Judge jailed Kraczwyk for two-and-a-half years and ordered him to be deported at the end of his sentence.

Kraczwyk, 37, formerly of Burton Green, Clifton, pleaded guilty to two charges of affrays, four charges of carrying a weapon in public and one of skipping bail.

The court heard he may also have a Polish conviction for a knife offence against a police officer. All the offences were committed on March 31, 2009.

For Kraczwyk, Chloe Fairley said he came back to the UK because he wanted to work here and had realised he may need to “face the music” for his crimes. He wanted to return to Poland as soon as possible for the birth of his child.