UPDATED: 10am Sunday

THE internet hit World Cup song created by two York teachers is to be played at half time in Monday's rescheduled York City play off tie with Fleetwood.

"Bring It Home" - written and performed by Huntington School teachers Robin Parmiter and Ian Wilson - has netted more than 28,000 views on YouTube since it was posted online on Wednesday.

Now the song is to be played to a packed Bootham Crescent. The club originally planned to play the song at half time on Saturday evening, but with the match postponed until Monday because of heavy rain the song will instead be played tomorrow.

Robin said: "We are very excited, we can't believe someone's going to play the song at York City this evening.

"This is our ultimate goal - to have people singing the song in stadiums, hopefully at the World Cup!

"Sadly we can't be there to sing along tonight because the match is completely sold out, but we know people who will be there who are going to sing along.

"Other people have said they'll go along and stand outside to hear it and sing along too."

The pair were disappointed when the match was postponed but could see a silver lining, he added.

"At least it will give people more time to learn the words!"

Robin and Ian teamed up to shoot the video around Huntington School in York on a zero budget.

The song is already proving a hit on social media, with Tweets from sports presenter Jake Humpries and Sky Sports star helping to make the video an online sensation.

The pair now hope to put Barlow’s official world cup anthem to shame.

It is hoped the rousing lyrics will help spur England on to glory in Brazil and dispel some of the doom and gloom about the side’s fortunes in the tournament.

Philosophy teacher Robin, 33, and music technician Ian, 28, already perform as a duo called Disco Mister.

After an earful of Gary Barlows’ official England song – a cover of Take That’s Greatest Day, performed with Gary Lineker and other former team mates – they decided the could – and must – do better.

Robin said: “We think ours is the best World Cup song since Three Lions and a lot better than the official one, which has been slated.

“It took 90 minutes to make the video after school. We used two classrooms, a corridor and the grounds and it cost nothing.

“We even recorded it in the school recording studio. The kids are loving it. We wanted to write a good world cup song. It’s been long overdue.

“We need a bit of passion and belief. Already we think the song is working its magic and getting people excited. There may even be a bit of belief there too.

“It is going to get people excited and passionate and we hope that is going to rub off on the players so they will show the world what the underdogs can do.

“The appeal of the song is has a good tune, good lyrics, and it shows normal people having a laugh about the tournament.”