THERE'S something different on offer besides the usual at three York pubs this month.

The Fulford Arms, Brigantes and Stonegate Yard are all getting ready to welcome scientists from the University of York for this year's Pints of Science festival.

But rather than sitting down to enjoy a pint, the 15 academics will be talking to drinkers about their research and introducing people to breakthroughs in their fields.

Fulford Arms landlord Chris Sherrington, himself a chemistry graduate from the University of York, said delighted to take part.

"We took over at the pub in January and one of the things we wanted to do was have more community events. This is something you wouldn't usually have in a pub and is a great use of our space."

Chris was approached by one of the festival's organisers about hosting public lectures for the festival.

He added: "We said yes almost straight away, but wanted to make sure there wouldn't be any explosions."

Chris, who graduated in 2002, met the academics who will be speaking in his pub and other venues ahead of the festival.

"One of them will talking about left handed and right handed molecules, which is something I remember from my university days.

"I think it's a great idea to have public lectures in an environment like this, and good to get science and knowledge out there."

The pub's events take place on Monday, May 19, Tuesday, May 20, and Wednesday, May 21 and include talks on plasma science, diagnosing brewing - which will involving testing the pub's beer, magnetics, and how ants can test robots.

Organised by postgraduate students and volunteers, York's Pint of Science events are the first to be held in the city but part of a worldwide festival which started in 2012.

Festival coordinator Katherine Leech said: “The idea behind the festival is simple – down-to-earth talks about science in the relaxed atmosphere of a local pub. Some of the venues are very small, so it is the perfect chance to ask questions and interact with some of York’s top scientists.

“We hope that people who might not go to a science event or talk at the University might come along. On offer is the chance to learn more about the wonders of science and the fascinating research being carried out at York which could change the world we live in.”

More information and the full programme for the Fulford Arms, Brigantes and Stonegate Yard in available online at