A LETTER from Her Majesty the Queen is not your ordinary birthday present - unless you're turning 100 that is.

Joan Pengelly celebrated the milestone birthday yesterday alongside her friends and family at Birchlands Nursing Home, in Haxby where she received a letter from the Queen congratulating her.

Her son, 60-year-old Owen said that he became quite emotional after opening the letter for his mother, who raised him on her own from the age of 15 when his father, John, died at the age of 51.

He said: "I welled up when I opened the letter and I put it into a frame for her and she loved it. I am immensely proud. From the age of 15 to 60 she raised me as a single parent so we have an incredibly strong relationship."

Joan, who was born in Bradford, worked as a florist up until she retired about 30 years ago and moved to Upper Poppleton. In her spare time she liked to garden and now enjoys spending time with her friends at Birchlands.

Joan has three grandchildren from her only son, Oliver, 25, Carmen, 23 and Giles, 21.

Owen said: "Lots would be the only way to describe the number of cards she has had. We celebrated with a party and we had a lovely cake.”