A CYCLIST who filmed bad behaviour by fellow pedallers and posted the footage on YouTube has now produced a new video exposing poor driving.

The three-minute film, created over a three-month period with a camera on his helmet, shows York motorists parking illegally, blocking cycle lanes, speeding, jumping red traffic lights and failing to indicate.

There are also clips of drivers passing cyclists too fast and too close, driving whilst on their mobile phone or eating, and pulling out in front of the cyclist.

The man, who has again posted the film on Youtube but does not wish to be identified, says he wants road users to ask themselves: “Is the additional risk I am taking worth it?”

"My second aim is to shame those road users who think it is OK to put others at risk," he said.

"Drivers who choose to drive with a cup, food or phone in their hand are a danger to all other road users and should rightly be embarrassed by their selfishness. Drivers who pass too closely are in breach of Rule 163 of the Highway Code."

He said that parking in a cycle lane might seem a minor offence at the time but could have serious consequences.

Referring to a section of the video in which he can be seen 'squeezed' between an illegally parked car and an overtaking coach that is far too close to him, he said: "At that point, I was scared. The camera has a wide angle lens and doesn’t really convey just how small that gap was."

The cyclist's previous film showed cyclists taking risks including jumping red traffic lights, cycling on the pavement, cycling down one way streets the wrong way and using mobile phones whilst cycling.

The most startling images involved a man who removed his jacket while cycling along Holgate Road and then tumbled to the ground, with the bike on top of him.

The cyclist said he had been cycling in York for 30 years and had become increasingly concerned about the reckless behaviour of some cyclists.