DO you recognise any of these photographs? They were found by retired York psychiatric nurse Paul Hudson in a brown leather wallet he spotted in the road in Dalton Terrace last Tuesday (April 29).

"It was just lying in the middle of the road near the church," said Paul, 67. "I thought maybe somebody had dropped the wallet while riding on a bike or something. They are family photos, which probably mean a lot to somebody, so I'd like to return them."

It is a remarkable collection of photographs: one which seems to tell the whole story of a family from the First World War up to 1930.

One image is of a young man in military uniform. On the back is written: "H.H, my only true love. Annie."

Another photograph shows an attractive young woman with neatly coiffed hair. On the back are the words: "To Harry, keepsake. Best love, Annie." It is dated March 29, 1918.

These are clearly photographs the sweethearts exchanged while Harry was fighting in the first world war. Harry must have been Harry Hudson, because in the wallet were also two leather military dog-tags with the name 'H Hudson' on them.

As far as Paul knows, despite the surname, Harry is no relation: the name is just a coincidence. "I couldn't believe it when I picked it up!"

Also in the collection is a postcard Harry sent to Annie at the end of the war. It is addressed to "Miss Wood, 3 Palace Avenue, Bridlington" and dated Monday October 18,1919. "Am leaving Marseille today," he wrote.

Another photograph, dated May 24 1930, shows an older Annie and Harry seated together, with a young child. There are other pictures of the same child, some apparently taken on the same day, others a little later.

Somebody must be missing these photographs. Paul is holding on to them ready to return them.

If you recognise them, call The Press newsdesk on 01904 56131 and we will pass your details on to Paul.