MAN’s best friend could soon be helping smooth the way to exam success for stressed out York students.

As crunch exam time looms, they find themselves pining for home and worrying they will flunk crucial papers.

The University of York is set to become one of the first in the country to open a “puppy room” where members can unwind by fussing over the pets.

The scheme has already been a success in repairing frayed nerves among members of Nottingham Trent University preparing for end of year tests.

Now the University of York’s Halifax College is aiming to open its own puppy room to sooth undergraduates and postgraduates.

The student association’s Sponsorship Officer Rachel Smith said one idea was to use trainee guide dogs for the blind so they could get used to human contact.

Rachel continued: “The idea has gone down really well among the students. Everyone gets very tense because of exam stress.

“This would be chance for everyone to put the pressures of revision aside, chill out, stop panicking about the weeks ahead, have a break in a relaxing atmosphere and unwind.”

The aim is to have the dogs in place by May 19, ready for the three weeks of exams which follow.

The Vice-President of Welfare Jessica Smith, said: “Every year has end of year exams – not just finals. It is very difficult for the first years – they tend to panic.

“The aim would be to have a controlled environment in which the students could hug and play and have physical contact with the puppies.

“At the moment, we put on free food events through the exam season to encourage students to take a break and remember to eat because they become so single-minded about getting good results.

“This would provide a comfortable atmosphere with free food to relax with other people because the other problem about revision is that it can be quite lonely.”Anyone who can help can contact Rachel via