A COCKER spaniel which was reported to have been stolen at Flamborough Head has been found dead on a beach.

A York man has contacted The Press to say he discovered the dog, called Daisy, while visiting the Yorkshire Coast on Sunday, three days after its distraught owner reported it was missing.

He believed the animal had drowned after being trapped by the tide at Dane's Dyke and wanted people to know the animal had not been stolen, as had been suggested by Humberside Police yesterday.

A police spokeswoman said then that Daisy had been walking with her owner when she ran off, chasing after a bird, and a witness had said they saw two teenage boys and an older man pick up the animal and take her towards a car park. She said officers were treating the disappearance as theft.

She confirmed yesterday that police had now received a report saying that the animal had, sadly, been found dead.