A MAN accused of kidnapping and raping a York student told her he was a gangster and would send his friends after her if she contacted police, a court has been told.

Mark Thompson, 36, is accused of nine charges relating to four women, dating back to 2009.

Today, his trial heard from a 21-year-old woman who he allegedly abducted from the street in York last October and raped three times.

She told the court that martial arts expert Thompson, of Hospital Fields Road in Fulford, told her his father was a pastor and "would turn in his grave".

She said he had a wrap of cocaine on the dashboard and was drinking vodka while he carried out the sex attacks, and said: "He said he was in a gang and if I told anyone he would send them after me even if he was in jail."

The jury has heard allegations that married Thompson had already committed sex offences against three other women before spotting the 21-year-old.

She had left a Hallowe'en party at a York club where she worked as a barmaid to help fund her studies, Teesside Crown Court heard.

The court heard she had slung a duffel coat over her green costume as she walked home in the early hours.

She told the jury she usually cycled home or walked with colleagues but other staff had already left and she did not have her bike with her.

Rather than wait 40 minutes for the next available taxi she set off on foot, listening to music on headphones.

It was claimed Thompson passed in his van, parked around the corner, then doubled back so he could grab her from behind.

She told the jury Thompson pushed her headfirst across the two front seats then got in and shut the door.

He grabbed the phone from her pocket and threw it into the foot well while pinning her down and forcing her to have sex, it was alleged.

She said a red car drove past quite slowly, causing Thompson to swear.  She claimed he pulled her up then held her head under the dashboard while he drove to a loading bay near Homesense.

The girl said after raping her twice more the defendant started telling her about his Jamaican background.

She could see business cards advertising his martial arts business on the van floor but could not read them properly to pick out his name, she said.

She continued: "He said his father was a pastor and would turn in his grave.  He liked to think of himself as a gangster."

She claimed she was offered cocaine and vodka by Thompson but declined.

After driving her to Malton and back she jumped out of the van after giving him a fake phone number because he wanted to see her again, she told the court.

She denied defence claims Thompson had struck up a conversation about her costume, offered her a lift, and she had consented to what happened.

The jury has been told the girl was the fourth Thompson had attacked or tried to attack. The trial was adjourned until Monday.