THERE have been severe traffic problems in York this morning and again this evening, with tailbacks on many key routes.

A broken-down lorry on Lendal Bridge, broken traffic lights near Fishergate and a car transporter unloading in Queen Strfeet contributed to the problems this morning.

First York said it had been a "bad day" all round in YOrk.

At the moment, there is severe traffic disruption.

Service 1, 5, and 6 are running 15 to 20 minutes late due to traffic on Lendal Bridge, Exhibition Square, Gillygate and Clarence Street, First says.

Service 7 is about 25 minutes due to heavy traffic at Fulford Road.

Service 10 is running 30 minutes late, with traffic building up at Holtby Top and Grimston Bar roundabout.

Services 12 and 13 are running 25 minutes late due to traffic on Tadcaster Road and Monks Cross.