OFFERING the perfect camouflage and plenty of shrubbery it's the ideal nesting place - apart from the fact that it's between a busy main road.

But one resourceful, if not gormless, goose has nested in the planters which divide the road on Castle Mills Bridge, whilst she waits for her chicks to hatch.

As an extremely busy road, Annette Pyrah, of Selby Wildlife Rehabilitation at Barlby, is concerned of the dangers the chicks will face when they finally hatch.

"My concern is that cars will swerve to avoid them if a chick is on the road. By law we can't move the nest but she must be resourceful to have built it there anyway.

"It's the perfect nesting area really, apart from the fact that it's between two roads. She is camouflaged and there is lots of shrubbery which makes it an inviting nesting place."

Annette said that numerous people, including drivers, have called her with concerns but said that until the eggs hatch there is little the wildlife group can do.