A REPORT has announced that up to 600 roads will be closed across North Yorkshire during this year’s Tour de France.

The document, which went before North Yorkshire County Council’s Police and Crime Panel last week, showed the authority would be responsible for 51 per cent of the highways during the two-day Grand Depart, while City of York Council would be responsible for about four per cent.

It said: “One of the key challenges is balancing available capacity and predicted demand which will be the determining factor in when roads are closed.

“To provide some scale there will be approximately 600 road closures within North Yorkshire. There will be a need for active management of traffic both in the lead up to the event and over the weekend itself so that there can be an appropriate response to whatever situation presents itself.”

The Press has previously reported that North Yorkshire Police has cancelled almost all leave for police officers, PCSOs and a number of police staff between June 27 and July 11.

Assistant Chief Constable, Ken McIntosh, said: “The visit of the Tour de France is expected to draw a very large number of visitors to the county.

“The police will be a small part of this significant event. The organisers anticipate that there will be a large number of volunteers assisting with the marshalling of the route.

“Visitors are not expected to come for just the two days the Tour is with us, but also on the days preceding and post the event.

“These requirements are reviewed on a regular basis and we are keeping staff informed.”