A GP surgery in York is set to leave its premises and merge with another practice.

Gillygate Surgery has begun a formal process to merge with Jorvik Medical Practice, with the intention of relocating to Jorvik's premises at Woolpack House, Stonebow, by the autumn.

Gillygate says in a newsletter to patients that its current premises are not designed for healthcare provision in the 21st century and the move will ensure patients can have a wider range of services, including Monday evening and Saturday morning appointments.

It said Jorvik was chosen because Stonebow was within walking distance of Gillygate and was more accessible by public transport and taxi. The two surgeries also shared similar practice areas and staff at Jorvik shared Gillygate's own values about providing high quality, patient centred care.

"At the same time, we can ensure both practices are jointly able to respond effectively to current and future NHS policy and governance requirements."

It reassured patients that the whole practice team would be relocating to Stonebow and they would still see familiar faces and experience continuity of care after the move.

Both practices would discuss the merger plans with their individual patient groups and consult with patients via a practice survey, and there would be an open morning at Woolpack House before the move, so patients could visit the new surgery, meet personnel and discuss the plans.

"There will be some sadness about leaving the beautiful building we currently work in but we do have to respond appropriately to ensure we meet changing mandatory requirements for the provision of clinical care."

The target date for the move was October 1 but the relocation depended on meeting statutory compliance requirements, merging clinical databases and reconfiguring accommodation at Woolpack House, it added.

Jorvik said in a newsletter to its patients that the merger would allow it to improve further its services, and patients would have a wider choice of GP and nursing staff.

"Woolpack House is not fully used and offers excellent facilities for the delivery of clinical care. We are confident the merger will benefit all of our patients and give us more resources to respond positively to current and future NHS changes.

"We will be able to tackle better the increasing amount of regulations now imposed on GP practices whilst not undermining our delivery of patient care."