THE ANIMALS went in two by two... but Mike Bellerby is hoping raffle tickets for his wife Christine’s giant knitted Noah's Ark will go much more quickly than that.

Christine, who works in the clothing department at Tesco in Clifton Moor, spent three or four months on her creation.

It measures about 2'6", and comes complete with a set of knitted animals - all in pairs, of course. There are giraffes, tortoises, zebras, elephants, snakes - and a knitted Noah and Mrs Noah. They can all be stored in the Ark by undoing the velcroed top.

Christine will be raffling it at Tesco on Saturday April 19 to raise as much money as she can for Diabetes UK.

"It would be a superb present for a child!" said Mike, a 62-year-old retired car salesman who has suffered from Type 1 diabetes since he was 18.

Mike had both legs amputated 22 years ago, but only gave up working seven years ago, when he began to lose the feeling in his hands.

"All the nerve endings in my hands are dying," he said. "It was my hands going that stopped me working. I couldn't pick things up."

His eyesight is starting to go now, as well, he said. "But it's all right. Chris looks after me very well!"

Tesco is supporting Diabetes UK all this year. Chris will be selling raffle tickets for £1.00 a piece in the Clifton moor store on April 19. "We're hoping to raise about £1,000," Mike said.

Tesco Clifton Moor Store Manager Gary Simpson said: “It’s fantastic that Christine is raffling off the amazing creation she’s been knitting for weeks for Diabetes UK. Diabetes affects so many of us, including Christine’s husband, and the money raised through this raffle will go to help many people who live with the illness.”