SEARCHES of the River Ouse are continuing today for missing 18-year-old Tyler Pearson.

Tyler, who is a Signaller with the Army and based at Imphal Barracks in York, was last seen in the river at about 2.30am last Thursday.

The Yorkshire And The Humber Marine Underwater Search Unit are on the Ouse using specialist scanning equipment to search a section of the river close to Skeldergate Bridge, downstream from King's Staith, where he was last seen.

Sergeant Steve Birss said the Hammerhead 360-degree scanner - which has been loaned to the team by its manufacturer Tritech - speeds up the search process, allowing a greater section of the river to be covered more quickly.

This is the second time the team has used the equipment, which sits on a tripod on the riverbed and streams real-time images to the team on the banks and allows Sgt Birss to pinpoint areas of interest before sending a diver into the water.

Sgt Birss said: "The company has given it free of charge twice now we've used it, both times in York. Once for Megan Roberts and now for Tyler Pearson. So far it hasn't found anything, but it helps us rule out a large area.

"We have perfect conditions today. It's not cold, there's very little movement in the water. There's still very little visibility."