LIVING on a budget could be a little easier in York thanks to a new guide for residents published by the council.

The new booklet - called "Making the Most of Your Money" is for anyone who wants to manage their money better, cut back on spending or get help to pay off debts.

Launched yesterday, the guide includes suggestions of small changes to make and tips to reduce regular monthly outgoings and grocery bills.

The guide was produced with the help of York Citizen's Advice Bureau, Aviva and The Press - and all three organisations gave their expertise to the project.

CAB manager George Vickers said: "We are seeing more people who are finding it difficult to manage their budgets. This booklet sets out clear steps to help people make the most of their income and reduce their outgoings, as well as what to do if they get in to difficulty."

The Press also teamed up with the council on the guide, liaising with local butcher David Swain and chefs Michael Hjort from Meltons and and Magdalena Chavez from El Piano to provide top tips and recipes to help people eat well at little cost.

As well as food, the guide includes ideas for low cost or free days out and events.

Hannah Stenton from Aviva added: “We were glad to contribute Aviva’s financial expertise and sponsorship to develop the booklet and further confirm our commitment to the city and the financial wellbeing of its residents.”

Council leader James Alexander said the guide was part of the council's commitment to helping the residents of York and making the city a fairer and more equal place to live.

He added: “Among the council’s key priorities are protecting vulnerable people and creation of a fair and inclusive city for all. The Small Changes booklet reaffirms our commitment to develop a citywide approach to help meet the needs of those struggling with debts and cost of living crisis.”

Small Changes is available now from York CAB at the council's West Offices and from all York libraries. It can also be downloaded from and from CAB and York Advice Partnership websites.