YORK has one of the lowest levels youth unemployment in UK cities, figure released today show.

The statistics, which appear in a report released by the Work Foundation, show that unemployment among 16-24 year olds lies at less than 13 percent - less than half that of neighbouring Hull and Grimsby where youth unemployment is more than 25 percent.

The report shows York has low levels of youth unemployment, excluding full time students, and is defying regional and national trends on youth unemployment.

Council leader James Alexander said: “It's great to see this report recognises York is outperforming the nation and the region in terms of combating youth unemployment. This shows the council prioritising jobs and growth and that working hard with private sector partners is paying off and reducing the number of young unemployed people in this city.

"Importantly, these figures show York is a city for young ambitious people to start their career and remain here, rather than looking to move elsewhere, as York’s economy is expected to grow further. As ever, we’re not complacent with this news and will continue to strive for full and fair employment and jobs and growth in the city."

But, the report said, there is a significant variation between low and high skilled young people. While 12 percent of youngsters in York with NVQ Level 3 and above qualifications are unemployed, that level rises to 20 percent among those with NVQ level 2 or below qualifications.