SPECIAL Constables have taken to the streets of North Yorkshire this weekend as part of a blitz on crime and anti-social behaviour.

The move was part of national Special Constables Weekend and followed a recruitment campaign which saw almost 80 applications progressed to join North Yorkshire Police’s voluntary ranks.

Sergeant with the Specials, Neil Fraser said the weekend has involved a number of operations, with warrants executed today, and at least a dozen specials on York streets on Saturday night.

Sgt Fraser said he and another officer had been on covert operations in York to tackle pickpockets, beggars and nuisance crime.

“We have had some issues of anti-social behaviour and it’s getting lighter and brighter and busier so we’re showing more of a presence and doing some licensing work around the bars too.”

He said the reaction from the public had been generally positive.

Special Constables were also out in Helmsley Market Place today, targeting motorcyclists to raise awareness of tiredness while biking, using a video called Mike’s Last Ride - named after Mike Mangan, the 72-year-old father of a policeman who died in a head-on crash last September.

To view the film, search YouTube for ‘Mike’s last ride'.