MISCONCEPTION of Parkinson's Disease and the lack of control sufferers can feel over their condition is due to be tackled in Parkinson’s Awareness Week.

In York, a string of events have been planned, including information stands and street collections.

People with Parkinson's Disease and their friends and family as well as people who would like to volunteer are also urged to attend monthly Parkinson's UK meetings in York.

The symptoms of Parkinson's Disease can vary but the charity has highlighted situations when people can lose control which may be misunderstood, such as freezing on the spot, losing the ability to communicate, struggling to move as muscles get so stiff and having to eat and drink painfully slowly. Patients are often kept waiting for crucial medicine if taken in to hospital.

Sharik Mirza, a York fundraiser for Parkinson's UK, said : "People with Parkinson’s often feel like they are not in control of their bodies, whether that’s due to muscle rigidity, having a tremor, or finding it difficult to vocalise what they want to say. Those affected can often feel powerless in their own bodies. Often the public can have misconceptions about the condition, and this makes it even harder to live with.

"That’s why the aim of this year’s Awareness Week is ‘control’. At the York branch, we are holding activities all week, ranging from raising awareness to fundraising events. Please come and support us, because only together can we beat it.

"Do you or any loved ones have Parkinson's? Do you just want to find out more about the condition or volunteer to work with us? Then please come along to our monthly meetings, which take place first Monday of each month from 7pm at York Sports Club, Shipton Road, York, YO30 5RE. We look forward to meeting you."

From 10am to 4pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Parkinson's UK will have an information stand at York Hospital.

At 7pm on Tuesday there will be a branch meeting at 7pm at York Sports Club in Shipton Road which anyone is welcome to attend.

On Thursday from 10am to 2pm and Friday from 10am to 4pm there will be an information stand at St Sampson's Church.

On Friday there will also be an open top bus information day at Monks Cross Shopping Centre from 8.30pm to 4pm.

On Saturday there will be street collections in the city centre.