THE marriage of a gay musician who studied at York was celebrated with a Channel 4 musical show.

Benjamin Till studied at the University of York and helped the city celebrate its 800th anniversary in 2012 by composing This York, which was sung in the Eye of York during the celebrations.

Mr Till married his partner Nathan Taylor at the weekend, becoming one of the first gay couples in the country to get married, but married completely in song.

Mr Till said: "We wanted to do something that was very serious and explained to the world how it felt.

"This isn't a musical about our wedding, this is a musical celebration about the historical importance of March 29, the first day gay men can legally marry in England and Wales."

Writing on his blog, Mr Till said: "As a composer, I use music to express my emotions. I pour emotion into the music I write and can think of no more perfect way to express my love and gratitude to Nathan than through song.

"Why on earth would I say vows when I can sing them? When I can accompany them with the chords and beats and suspensions which far more adequately express my love for a man who has been my rock for 12 years."

Mr Till said the musical format came from "genuine love for musical theatre. Genuine love for one another", and said after the wedding that the event had been "magical, surreal, love-filled, emotional, terrifying, glorious and above all fabulous".

He said: "I feel loved and a sense of great pride. Well done England and Wales."