THE bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil has been recreated through a 14-mile march from York to the scene of the conflict - but this time it was in the name of charity.

Members of 15th Century re-enactment groups gathered at Clifford's Tower on Saturday to relive the trek soldiers made from the landmark to Dacre's Cross on Towton battlefield, wearing clothes and carrying equipment authentic to the Wars of the Roses period on the 553rd anniversary of the day an estimated 28,000 men died in battle.

They followed, where possible, the same route soldiers took on March 29, 1461, when the Battle of Towton became a turning point in the civil war between the rival York and Lancaster houses.

The Road to Towton project raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support following the recent death of a former Wars of the Roses medieval re-enactor, with £1,265 donated so far.