PROPOSALS for a massive wind turbine east of York look set to be abandoned after parish councillors and residents opposed them.

York Community Energy had come up with the idea for a turbine at Murton Moor which would be 61.5m high with 38m blades  – taller than York Minster.

The organisation previously said the scheme was about community democracy as well as clean energy, and that the plan could not work unless it had community support and it did have local backing.

But David Hughes, chairman of Holtby Parish Council, said councillors recently voted unanimously to oppose the turbine, which would be outside the parish but would impact on residents there.

He said about 50 residents at the meeting also unanimously opposed the proposals.
Isabel Waddington, chairwoman of Murton Parish Council, said councillors also voted unanimously to oppose the turbine.

Mark Warters, City of York Councillor for Osbaldwick, said Warthill Parish Council had voted to oppose the project as well and he called on York Community Energy to withdraw it and ‘disappear.’

York Community Energy  member Richard Lane said a planning application had never been submitted, and agents Origin Energy had merely submitted a request for a screening opinion about the development.

He said the project could have powered more than 500 homes and brought tens of thousands of pounds a year into the local community. He said there was some local support but said it would now be very difficult to progress given a ‘determined campaign of opposition run by a vociferous minority of residents.’

He said: “This was never going to be imposed from outside. It’s up to the local community and it’s difficult to see how it can now be viable, given the campaign of opposition.

“This does illustrate the problems that can arise when wind turbines are proposed, despite the fact they can bring significant benefits.”