SOME of the finest accessories of the 18th century have gone on display in a major fashion exhibition at an historic York house.

‘Head to Toe: Accessorising the Georgians’, which opens its doors today at Fairfax House in Castlegate, features shoes, fans, hats, waistcoats, garters, stockings, buttons and gloves dating from 1700 to 1820, gathered from more than 20 museums across the country

"This exhibition showcases the accessories that were worn, quite literally, from top to bottom; from headwear such as bonnets, hats, caps and parasols right through to stockings, garters and extravagant shoes of all shapes, patterns and designs," said a spokeswoman.

"Male accessories also form a key part of the exhibition, revealing that vanity and the pursuit of fashion was not for the female realm alone. A pair of stockings for men with specially padded calves are amongst the more unusual forms of Georgian fashion accessory on display."

The exhibition runs until November 2. For more information, visit