A YORK army medic has been recognised in a list of military honours for his inspirational role caring for dozens of soldiers injured in a bomb blast.

Lt Col Stephen Archer is to receive the prestigious Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service after his outstanding work a field hospital caring for more than 60 soldiers hurt in a major explosion.

Lt Col Archer, who lives in York with his wife Sarah and son Nathan, is part of the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps based at 2 Medical Brigade in Strensall.

His citation for the award, which was announced last Friday, March 21, said: “Seldom has one officer so galvanised those he led to excel in so many areas.

“In every aspect of his duties Archer was resolute that patient safety was paramount. This core belief inspired and directly led to unprecedented levels of healthcare delivery, recognised by PJHQ’s official in-theatre audit as being of a sophistication never seen before on operations.”

The 48 year old had only been in Afghanistan a few days early last year when a massive car bomb exploded at a patrol base, leaving 60 people with crush, blast and fragmentation injuries.

It was his job to coordinate the medical response given by Danish and US as well as British forces, and his headquarters have praised Lt Col Archer’s understanding, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Lt Col Archer has praised the servicemen and women he worked with at the time. He said: “You don’t do the job for honours but it is lovely to be recognised. It is an honour in itself to command a unit on operations.

“I am delighted that other colleagues from the field hospital have been honoured in this list – one of my radiologists receives an OBE, our Padre receives an MBE, two of my soldiers receive QCVS and another three of my staff receive Joint Commanders Commendations. It is real recognition of the performance of the Field Hospital during the tour.”

In 1995 Lt Col Archer received an Associate of Royal Red Cross (ARRC) from the Queen for an arduous tour giving medical care after the Rwandan genocide.