CITY leaders will decide on May 6 whether a controversial traffic trial on a York bridge is to be continued or abandoned.

Lendal Bridge has been shut to private vehicles between 10.30am and 5pm since August 27 through a City of York Council experiment which lasted six months, although the restrictions are being kept in place while the council assesses the impact of the trial.

The Labour-run council has said the scheme will speed up bus journeys, improve air quality and encourage more people to walk and cycle, but opponents say it has caused congestion elsewhere, affected city-centre businesses and harmed York’s reputation due to tens of thousands of visitors to the city receiving £60 fines for breaching the rules.

The authority has received at least £1.3 million in income from fines since the trial started. An “evaluation report” on the trial will be discussed by the council’s cabinet on May 6, with a decision being taken then on whether to scrap the experiment, continue the restrictions or extend the hours of operation.

The same meeting is also due to discuss proposals to “improve city-centre competitiveness”.