A YORK artist's representation of the Minster's Rose Window will now hang in Bishopthorpe Palace.

Eleanor Higgins has presented the detailed interpretation of the window to Dr John Sentamu.

It was commissioned by Eleanor’s employers, Benenden Health, where she works as a member of the facilities team and the Archbishop has promised to find a home for the work among the many paintings that already adorn the walls of the Palace.

Marc Bell, chief executive of Benenden Health, said: “Eleanor’s artistic talent is incredible and we, as a business and as colleagues, are well aware of the paintings she is able to produce. We decided to harness that talent and commissioned Eleanor to create the artwork for the Archbishop.

“We’re delighted for Eleanor that the Archbishop has accepted her work into his collection. We’ve been looking for ways in which we can help promote her talent for art and recognition of her work by the Archbishop of York is quite an achievement. “