YORK ST John University has called for a co-ordinated response to the death of student Megan Roberts to help prevent further such tragedies.

A spokeswoman said students and staff were acutely aware of the wide range of issues surrounding safety in the city, having lost two gifted and valued members of its community, Richard Horrocks and now Megan Roberts in tragic river accidents in recent times.

“In addition, we continue to share concern for Ben Clarkson, who was a student at the university in 2010,” she said.

York St John University continues to be committed to doing all it can to support a safe and healthy environment for its community of students and staff, and in doing so, for the local community as a whole.

“As a consequence, the university believes that a joint approach to community safety, for all residents, not just students, is the most appropriate response to recent tragic events.”

She said the Vice Chancellor, Professor David Fleming, had already had discussions with City of York Council and sought to encourage a co-ordinated response to all aspects of safety in the city so that further steps could be taken to safeguard against a recurrence of “similar dreadful incidents.”

The university had also been in contact with other key organisations and was hopeful all parties could work together.

Prof Fleming said: “Following the recent events which have affected all of us so deeply, there have been a number of extremely positive and helpful suggestions concerning how safety can continue to be improved across the city.

“We feel strongly that such interventions can have maximum effect through a co-ordinated approach which ensures that all issues, options and sections of the community are considered.”