WHEN four teenagers from York had a brief brush with fame in the 1970s they never dreamt they would be back in the limelight more than three decades later.

Nick Jackson, the vocalist with former punk band The Jermz, said their only single Powercut, “didn’t sell many records at the time but now goes on eBay for £200”, and the track, originally put out by Feel Good Records on Goodramgate, has now been included on Punk 45: There Is No Such Thing As Society.

The album is a compilation of underground punk and post-punk in the UK from 1977-1981 and Nick said the band members are looking for their former bass player, Aussie Spitfire, or Glen Fisher so he can share the sum given out by the record company. Aussie was last seen a decade ago by drummer, Kelvin Knight.

Nick had met Kelvin at college when the pair were teenagers and guitarist Mike Gibson at local gigs before they formed the band. They were then joined by Aussie as the final member of the band after an ad in the Evening Press looking for a bass player.

Together they were one of the first punk bands from York, and toured local pubs. They were regulars at The Munster bar which is now the basement of the White Swan Hotel, and they also played frequently at the Grob and Duccat. Their final gig was in the De Grey rooms in 1978.

Now 54, Nick, who is a product researcher and lives in The Groves, says he is using The Press to locate the bass player because they “really don’’t know where he is.”

According to Nick this is the band’s first professional deal. He said: “Every year we usually get asked to feature on something but this is the first time we have been approached by a professional label.

“It’s funny how the things you get up to as a teenager turn into as classics later in life.”

He has asked Aussie to contact The Press newsdesk on (01904) 567131 or email newsdesk@thepress.co.uk