VOLUNTEERS at a North Yorkshire animal centre are hoping this kitten’s “wonky walk” will not prevent her finding a loving new home – after they originally thought she had used up one of her nine lives.

When Bonnie, believed to be about eight months old, was found at the Blue Cross centre in Topcliffe, near Thirsk, the team feared she had been the victim of a hit-and-run as she was not walking properly on her hind leg.

But when the tortoiseshell and white kitten was examined, x-rays showed her left leg had previously been broken and healed at a right-angle, leaving one leg shorter than the others.

Animal welfare assistant Amy Younger said: “When we heard Bonnie’s cries outside the centre, we immediately went to help her, made her comfortable and gave her food, but soon noticed she walked in a really unusual way.

“We were amazed how her leg had fixed itself at a really strange angle. Bonnie must have been in agony when this happened to her as a tiny kitten, but is totally fine now.

“She is a sweet young cat who has been homeless for several weeks, but really deserves to be a loved pet in a proper home.”

For more information about Bonnie and other homeless pets at Blue Cross or to make a donation towards their care, visit bluecross.org.uk, phone 0300 777 1540 or email thirsk@bluecross.org.uk