A SIGN promoting York’s controversial new 20mph speed limits has been vandalised.

The sign at the corner of Dijon Avenue and Green Lane in Acomb was pulled from the ground.

The pole is otherwise undamaged and police said they had no record of an accident at the location, suggesting a vigilante or vandal had damaged it deliberately.

City of York Council is in the process of introducing 20mph speed limits across the city, in line with Labour’s 2011 election manifesto, but the move has proved divisive.

Campaigners say lower limits are widely supported and improve safety for all road suers, but opponents have said the blanket approach is unnecessary and have said the council should use its limited funds to target known speeding blackspots.

Former York council leader Andrew Waller spotted the felled sign while cycling home and reported it to the council.

A council spokeswoman said the sign had now been fixed and asked anyone who knew of vandalism to phone 01904 551550. The council is investigating the possibility that other signs may also have been targeted, as well as the 20mph one.