A FORMER police officer sent abusive text messages to his landlord in a series of crimes against the property owner, who is trying to evict him, York magistrates heard.

Alan Glasby is also likely to face a court case for not carrying out the community order magistrates imposed as punishment for one of his earlier offences.

Kathy Turnbull, prosecuting, said Glasby, 64, had committed offences this winter of criminal damage and of making a nuisance communication before he sent three text abusive messages on January 20.

The complainant in his case was his landlord.

“There has been a history of difficulties between them,” she said.

Defence solicitor Craig Robertson said Glasby’s landlord was trying to evict him.

Glasby was a chronic alcoholic and had been drinking at the time he sent the messages.

Glasby, of South Bank Avenue, York, pleaded guilty to sending a text message and his case was adjourned to February 26 when magistrates expect to hear the probation service bring breach proceedings against him, alleging he had not attended for unpaid work or supervision sessions.

They were part of a community order for 120 hours’ unpaid work and 12 months’ supervision imposed on December 18 for causing £140 damage in his home to a wardrobe and wallpaper.

Mr Robertson said Glasby sent the messages because he was annoyed that the landlord had not come to the house to collect the rent.

He had not done unpaid work sessions as ordered because he had not been fit to do them, he said, but had not provided medical notes to cover all his absences.

He had not attended supervision appointments because he was a chronic alcoholic, he added.

The death of his son some years ago had led to his current state, said Mr Robertson. Before then, he had been a police officer, and had worked in the mental health industry.