THE perfect girlfriend for a man from York is 5ft 6 ins tall, drinks white wine, has no tattoos and supports Manchester United, according to a survey.

A “study” of 2,000 men by location based dating app Lovoo also found that men like a woman with a northern accent, who drives a VW Golf, is a meat-eater and loves a roast dinner.

Weighing 9st, she’s a 34C bra size and who enjoys listening to a bit of rock or pop music and her favourite movie is the Patrick Swayze classic Dirty Dancing.

When asked to choose a celebrity who resembles their perfect girlfriend, Kelly Brook was the most popular choice, followed by Keira Knightley.

Men from York would like to date a nurse or a teacher with brown hair and think it’s more attractive if she wears makeup – but only subtly.

Match Of The Day is her current favourite television show closely followed by Coronation Street and Location, Location, Location, according to the survey.