LABOUR has said City of York Council now has to spend more on adult social care in York than it receives in council tax.

The party proposes to increase council tax in York by 1.9 per cent as the council attempts to save £78 million.

It says gross expenditure on adult social care is now £75.1 million, while council tax brings in £69.7million.

The annual operational budget of the council is £124.2 million.

Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing, deputy council leader and cabinet member for adult social services, said: “Many are not aware how much demand is increasing for elderly and vulnerable care to which the council has a both a legal and moral duty to provide.

"One case such as a child with complex disabilities can cost as much as £500,000 a year and people are living longer with more complex needs.

“This is why the council is asking residents to pay 37p extra per week in council tax to try and meet some of these increased costs.

“It isn’t easy and the council’s gross expenditure on such care is now greater than the amount received in council tax.”

The authority will decide its budget on February 27.