HAVE you got what it takes to become the next governor of a York school?

That’s what the children on the school council at Park Grove Primary School want to know, and they – with some adult supervision – will be interviewing applicants and having a hand in deciding who gets the job.

The council members, two children elected from each class, are helping the existing governors to appoint a new governor from the local community.

No previous experience is necessary, but head teacher Jo Sawyer said a background in fundraising or charity work might be helpful.

She said: “I think the children have come up with the right idea of what a governor should be and we’d really welcome somebody who has the time and dedication to help take the school to the next level.”

In a recent Ofsted report inspectors said the school needed to review its governors. Miss Sawyer said, after the departure of a couple of governors, now seemed the right time to start the search.

The school council consists of Rylie Ackroyd, Holly Allison, Travis Bradford, Ben Brannigan, Olivia Bryan, Katie Clark, William Clark, Emmanuel Cobb, Moya Coughlan, Manon Hollingworth, Ellen Jones, Elliot Jones, Shamim Kennedy, Jacob McCullough, Toby McKee, Bethan Parkinson and Katarina Savkovic.

Holly, nine, said: “We want a new governor who is creative, kind, generous, someone who is good at fundraising and someone who is fun.” Ellen, seven, said: “We want someone that isn’t strict. They don’t have to have children. Someone that is good at parents’ evening to talk to people and do a stall.”

Jacob, six, said: “They should be fun, good at knowing, good at raising money, good at running stalls – good at stuff.”

To find out more about the job and how to apply, or to read the childrens’ letter, go to parkgroveprimary.co.uk. Send your applications to chair of governors, David Hare. His email is davidhare@btinternet.com