YORK pub landlords have expressed mixed views on plans to extend opening hours for England’s World Cup match against Italy.

On Monday, David Cameron intervened and overruled the Home Office’s decision to refuse permission to extend opening hours for the match. He demanded a rethink on licensing for the fixture against Italy, which kicks off at 11pm on Saturday, June 14.

Wendy Hyde, of The Ainsty pub in Boroughbridge Road, said: “I would definitely welcome David Cameron’s intervention. Regulations are strangling business and even if you do it responsibly, they still stifle business.

“Extended opening hours could definitely make a difference. It could bring in an extra £2,000 which could really help cover all the costs including rent. They never make it easy for us and they never have done, so allowing us to stay open would definitely be welcome.”

Paul Gardner, of the Terrace in Fossgate, disagreed, saying he was swayed “towards the side of the police”.

He said: “It’s a York race day so people are going to make an all day event of it. If everywhere is open late I really do feel for the police, it will be a tough job for them.

“From a publican’s point of view only those that have been responsible and planned ahead should be able to open later. If pubs are forward planning and run a business properly they will be fine with this issue. We are a sports pub and have been able to do this for two or three years now.”

Dan Murphy, of The Lighthorseman in Fulford Road, said: “Yes, I do welcome the proposal to extend opening hours.

“It would have been nice if there could have been a blanket opening time for the World Cup. It just seems like a way to make money really with every venue having to apply for a temporary licence.

“It only happens once every four years so it would be a lot easier. It doesn’t really affect us as we are open until 1am anyway, but it would be better.”

Stuart Weston, of The Cross Keys in Tadcaster Road, said: “Not allowing pubs to extend their licence for the games is a bit daft really.

“People take time off work for it so it does seem a bit odd. With our licence it would only be an extra half an hour and in general it’s only an extra two hours, so it would make sense to allow pubs to stay open.”