TRADERS in a North Yorkshire market town say their businesses have been hit by flooding... more than 260 miles away.

Members of Boroughbridge Chamber of Trade said they have received dozens of calls from customers concerned they would not be able to reach the town after watching television weather forecasts.

Emma Lee, manager of the Best Western Crown Hotel, in Horsefair, said TV weather forecasters had referred to the area surrounding Burrowbridge, being flooded, but had not said it was in Somerset.

Some of her guests had called to cancel bookings under the mistaken belief the North Yorkshire town, was deluged.

Ms Lee said Boroughbridge town centre had not been flooded since 1991 and called on broadcasters to be clearer.

She said: "We are constantly receiving flooding calls and it is having a detrimental effect on business, customers are calling worried that they will not get to the hotel because of flooding and in some cases are cancelling.”