A LORRY has shed a load of clay onto the A64, causing a car to spin out of control. 

Police are at the scene of the accident on the A64 at the Hogrove roundabout, where the clay was between 30 centimetres (one foot) and one metre deep, police said.

The large spillage of clay came from the lorry at 12.36pm. 

A York woman driving a Ford Focus became stuck in the clay on the roundabout and was helped to safety by passersby.

It is understood the clay spillage has come through the back doors of the lorry. Spillages have been reported to police from the  A1237 Monks Cross area to the Hopgrove roundabout and the A64 by pass westbound.

Much of the spillage has now been cleared up. North Yorkshire County Council have been asked to assist with the clear-up.

Motorists are urged to approach with care.