A man was arrested after he turned up at a neighbour’s home armed with a knife and being abusive, a court heard.

The house adjoining Terry Edward Exelby’s address in Croftway, Acomb, was being renovated by builders, one of whom had already had some problems from him on a few occasions in the past, Carmel Pearson, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court.

“He describes him as a thorough nuisance,” said Judge Christopher Batty.

Miss Pearson said they had tried to be pleasant towards Exelby, who had made allegations about damage to his property.

On September 18 his behaviour became more aggressive. He turned up outside the house shouting abuse and one of the builders saw he had a kitchen knife in his hand.

He was swearing and making unpleasant comments about what he wanted to do to a woman, saying he wanted to mutilate her, the court heard.

A picture was taken of Exelby standing on the driveway with the knife in his hand and the police were called.

When he was arrested he initially denied that had happened, but went on to admit the offences, the court was told.

John Harrison, representing Exelby, said he was a single man living alone with a disability since childhood. He realised his behaviour that day was unpleasant but had had time to reflect on his actions since being in custody.

He had not enjoyed that experience. “He was quiet distressed describing his time in custody as a short sharp shock and is anxious to be released.”

Exelby, 60, who admitted affray and possessing an offensive weapon, was sentenced to six months in prison which Judge Batty said would mean his release either immediately or soon. He said to wave a knife in public caused people to be terrified. “I do hope you have learnt your lesson.”

Exelby, who was sentenced over a videolink to HMP Woodhill, said he would have more patience in the future. He said: “I am very sorry, very ashamed of what transpired, it will never happen again. This has been a very major lesson.”